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Annual results highlight Renault’s continuing leadership in the LCV segment

28 January 2016  10:00

Last year saw Groupe Renault deliver another strong performance in the global LCV market, with sales increasing by 12.4%. With a market share of 3.76%, it grew from being a top regional leader to a top global player,

In a European market up 11.4%, Renault’s LCV sales rose to 16.9%, equivalent to the sale of 29,000 additional vehicles. Meanwhile, market share recorded a 0.71 percentage point increase to reach 15%.

In Europe, Renault is the best-selling LCV brand for the 18th consecutive year.


From regional leader to top global player

Globally, Groupe Renault delivered a strong year in the LCV market in 2015, with sales reaching 387,000 units, an increase of 12.4% in spite of a 6.3% dip in the total market, North America excluded.

Renault’s share of the global LCV market stood at 3.76%, an improvement of 0.63 points over 2014.

In 2015, Renault sold 92,400 units outside Europe. This performance was achieved despite headwinds in terms of total sales in key markets like Brazil and Algeria. Groupe Renault performed in all regions except AMI (Africa, Middle East, India) where sales were particularly impacted by market conditions in Algeria.

Renault’s products are sold in 112 countries and the brand stands out as a top-three player in many of them.

AMI (Africa / Middle East / India): Renault has been number one seller in North Africa since 2010 in terms of market share, with a score of 15.7% in 2015. The Kangoo, Master and Dokker top the Algerian and Moroccan markets.
Latin America: Renault has been one of the three best-selling brands in South America since 2008 thanks to the performance of the Kangoo and the Master. Market share reached 3.9% in 2015, a 0.57 percentage point increase despite difficult contexts in Brazil and Argentina.
The Duster Oroch, Renault’s first half-ton pickup, was launched in November in Brazil where it claimed two “pickup of the Year” awards. This new model breaks new ground in the segment in Latin America and will continue to contribute to growth in 2016.
Asia/ Pacific: volumes reached their highest level for 15 years in the Asia/Pacific region, helped by Renault’s performance in Australia. Unit sales in the country increased by more than 10% in 2015. The Kangoo and the Master emerged as the second and third best-selling models respectively.
Eurasia: market share was up 1.71 points to 8%, buoyed by Renault’s main market in the region, Turkey, where the number of unit sales was up 80%.


An 18-year success story in Europe

Renault topped the European LCV sector, as defined by ACEA* (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association), for the 18th consecutive year due to the strong performances of the Kangoo, the Master and the multiple award-winning Trafic.

In a European market that expanded by 11.4%, Renault’s LCV sales were up in all the main markets, including Germany, Italy, Spain and, especially, the United Kingdom which achieved its best ever level (up 1.2 percentage points).

In France, too, Renault’s market share increased by 1.2 points to 32.85%, the brand’s best performance since 2006. The Kangoo, Trafic and Master all topped their respective segments.

LCV expertise

Renault’s LCV expertise is boosted by its dedicated Technical Centre in Villiers Saint-Frédéric, France, where such highly successful models as the Kangoo, Trafic and Master were developped. The centre’s facilities and engineering teams are perfectly geared to developing and testing new vehicles, including the production of prototypes and simulation work, as well as the development of manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing excellence of Renault’s factories is recognized by other LCV brands, as illustrated by solid partnerships with GM, Daimler, Renault Trucks and, more recently, Fiat, as well as with Renault’s Alliance partner, Nissan.

Renault has production plants on three continents:

o South America: Renault manufactures the Kangoo in Argentina and the Master in Brazil.
o Africa: Groupe Renault produces the Dokker in the newest plant in Tangier, Morocco, where output increased by 28% to more than 71,000 units.
o France: the efficiency of Renault’s three French factories has resulted in new production records:
Batilly: 126,461 vans were produced (including vans for Renault’s partners) to beat the previous record of 112,142 units established in 2006. One Master comes off the line every two minutes
Sandouville: 93,000 new Trafics and vehicles for GM were produced at the Sandouville factory. A new medium-sized van based on the Trafic platform will be made at the factory for Fiat from mid-2016.
Maubeuge: 151,000 Renault Kangoos and Mercedes Citans were manufactured in Maubeuge, an increase of 9% over 2014.

Renault Pro+ is Groupe Renault’s worldwide expert brand committed to serving buyers and users of light commercial vehicles, providing tailor-made products and services with a highly-trained specialist network. The Renault Pro+ expert brand embodies Renault’s promise to its LCV customers and will continue to help to drive its ambitions in the global LCV marketplace in 2016.

« Our strong global results, with a 12,4% growth, give us confidence for the future. We are also proud to confirm our leading position in Europe for the 18th consecutive year.  2015 has been indeed rich particularly with the launch of our new LCV expert brand Renault Pro+ which illustrates our willingness to offer our customers a comprehensive and tailor-made LCV range”
Ashwani Gupta, Global Head of LCV Business


(*) ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association) market definitions:

EU15 : Member States prior to 2004 enlargement: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

EU11 : Member States having joined the EU since 2004: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia (data for Malta and Cyprus unavailable)

EU: EU15 + EU11

EFTA : Iceland, Norway and Switzerland

Enlarged Europe : EU + EFTA


Annual results highlight Renault’s continuing leadership in the LCV segment

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Annual results highlight Renault’s continuing leadership in the LCV segment
Annual results highlight Renault’s continuing leadership in the LCV segment