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Communiqués de presse

Family Assistance Organization (UDAF) in the paris region becomes a Renault Mobiliz partner

20 June 2014  15:15

On June 19, 2014, Jean-Yves Vayssières, President of the Union Départementale des Associations Familiales (UDAF) 95 , and Claire Martin, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Managing Director of the Renault Foundation, signed an agreement making the UDAF 95 a partner in the Renault Mobiliz social business initiative.



Renault Mobiliz, a complete program to make mobility accessible to everyone

The aim of the Mobiliz program, the first social business initiative by a carmaker, is to facilitate the social integration of persons in difficulty by providing them with access to mobility. This program is carried out in cooperation with NGOs, educational institutions and the public sector. One component of the program is a network of socially responsible garages that voluntarily offer products and services at cost price to persons identified by social service organizations.

The partnership with the UDAF 95 will make it possible to:

-     identify and help persons assisted by the UDAF in the Val d’Oise region for whom mobility with an automobile is essential to finding or keeping a job;

-     put such persons in contact with the network of socially responsible Renault garages so they can obtain maintenance and repair services or purchase a pre-owned vehicle at cost price.

Claire Martin , Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility at Renault, says: “Through the Renault Mobiliz program, the Group supports social business projects that will offer mobility solutions to persons with modest incomes . By partnering with the UDAF 95, we are enabling families in vulnerable situations to obtain repair services at cost price in the network of socially responsible Renault garages. We see this as a further opportunity to carry out our mission of providing everyone with sustainable mobility.”



Renault Mobiliz and the UDAF branches in Val d’Oise, Seine-Maritime and Haut-Rhin départements , are testing a new and innovative type of partnership.

Other UDAF branches are expected to join the program later on at the instigation of the Union Nationale des Associations Familiales (UNAF), thus extending this offer across more of France.


UDAF 95 (Val d’Oise)

An UDAF (Union Départementale des Associations Familiales) is an institution established by an Order dated March 13, 1945, amended by an Act dated July 11, 1975, whose role is to represent all families. Each UDAF is charged at the level of a département with promoting, defending and representing the interests of all families living in France, regardless of their faith or political affiliation.

It has four distinct missions:

  • To give its opinion to the government regarding family issues and to propose measures that seem consistent with the material and moral interests of families
  • To officially represent all families with the government and in particular to designate or propose delegates to councils, meetings and other bodies set up by the state, the département, or a municipality
  • To manage all family services that public authorities choose to entrust to it
  • To undertake civil proceedings in all jurisdictions with no need to obtain the prior consent or authorization of public authorities

The UDAF can also create and manage any service considered as useful for the interest of families.


Family Assistance Organization (UDAF) in the paris region becomes a Renault Mobiliz partner

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Family Assistance Organization (UDAF) in the paris region becomes a Renault Mobiliz partner
Family Assistance Organization (UDAF) in the paris region becomes a Renault Mobiliz partner