Communiqué de presse
Communiqué de presse

Quarterly information, March 31, 2014

24 April 2014  17:45

The Renault group reported a 5.1% increase in registrations in the first quarter of 2014, thanks to an improvement in European markets and to the success of its new models. Revenues remained flat despite negative impact of currency devaluations.


  • 5.1% increase in registrations to 636,239 units versus the first-quarter 2013.
  • Market share up 0.8 points in Europe.
  • Renault group revenues of €8,257 million in first-quarter 2014, stable compared with the same period in 2013 (+ 5.1% on a like-for-like basis excluding currency effects).
  • Automotive revenues stable at €7,727 million.



Sales results: highlights of Q1 2014


In a global automotive market that grew 4.7%, Renault group registrations rose 5.1% to 636,239 units. In Europe, Group sales grew 17.7%, in a market that expanded 8.2%. Clio, Captur and Sandero drove market share gains.

Outside Europe, the downward trend in its main international markets led Group registrations down 7.9%; they now account for 43% of total sales, compared with 49% in first-quarter 2013.

Duster remains the Group’s best-selling vehicle globally, with 97,280 units sold.


  • In Europe : in a market that grew 8.2%, driven primarily by Southern Europe, the Group increased registrations 17.7%, bringing its market share in passenger cars (PC) and light commercial vehicles (LCV) to 9.7%, an increase of 0.8 points. The strongest increases came from France (+ 8.2%), Italy (+ 37.4%), Spain (+ 21.4%) and the UK (+ 100.1%). The success of the new Renault products and the Dacia brand, which posted the strongest registration increase in the market, explain the strong performance in the UK.

The Renault brand ranked No. 3 in the PC + LCV market with a share of 7.2%, up 0.1 points. It remains leader on the LCV market, with market share of 13.7%.

Dacia was the fastest growing brand in the market. Sales increased 46.1% giving a market share of 2.5% (+ 0.6 points), driven primarily by strong momentum in the UK.

The Group’s three best-sellers in Europe were Clio with close to 76,000 vehicles, Captur with 41,500 units and Sandero with 39,000 units. With the success of these vehicles, the Group maintained its No. 1 position on the B segment in Europe.


  • In the Americas region, Group sales rose 8.9% in a market that contracted by 3.5%. In Brazil, registrations increased 21.8% in a market that fell 1.8%. In the wake of the disruptions caused by the closure of the Curitiba plant in early 2013. Group market share rose back to 6.7%, up 1.3 points. In Argentina, registrations fell 7.7% in a market that dropped 13.0%. Group market share came to 15.1% (+ 0.9 points).


  • In the Eurasia region, sales were down 1.0% in a market that contracted 2.0%. In Russia, Group market share remained steady at 7.7% with registrations down 3.7%. The Renault brand continued to rank No. 2 in Russia behind Lada.


  • In the Euromed-Africa region, registrations fell 14.9% in a market that was down 10.8%. After a period of strong growth, the Algerian market entered a downward phase, with a drop of 28.3% in the quarter. Following strong sales at the end of 2013, the Group, which remains market leader in Algeria with a 23% share (- 2.2 points), saw registrations fall 34.5%.

Turkey reported an 18.1% fall in sales in a market that was down 24.5%. The Group achieved market share of 18.7%, a rise of 1.4 points.


  • In the Asia-Pacific region, Group registrations fell 30.0% due to the situation in Iran (- 12.6% excluding Iran) and the downturn on the Indian market. In South Korea, Renault Samsung Motors saw volumes increase 16.9% with market share of 4.0%, up 0.3 points.


Q1 revenues by operating division

In the first-quarter 2014, Group revenues came to €8,257 million, stable compared to the same period last year (+ 5.1% on a like-for-like basis excluding currency effects).

Automotive revenues totaled €7,727 million (- 0.1%).

The drop in the main emerging country currencies versus the Euro (Argentinean peso, Russian ruble, etc.) had a negative impact of 5.3 points, partially offset by a positive price effect of 1.3 points.

The increase in sales to partners (vehicles and components) made a positive contribution of 3.1 points.

Sales Financing (RCI Banque) reported revenues of €530 million, stable (+ 0.2%) versus 2013.

As a result of Renault group’s strong momentum in Europe, the number of new financing contracts rose 9.8% to 280,455 in first-quarter 2014. Average loans outstanding increased despite a negative currency impact, particularly in the Americas region, by 2.3% to €24.7 billion.


Outlook 2014

In the first quarter, trends in key markets were contrasted. While main emerging markets were slowing down with poor visibility, the European market recovery appeared stronger than foreseen. In this uncertain environment, the Group expects slightly declining Russian and Brazilian markets. However, the European market should grow by 2% to 3% in 2014.

In this context Renault aims to:

  • increase registrations and Group revenues (at constant exchange rates),
  • improve Group operating profit and that of the Automotive division,
  • achieve positive Automotive operational free cash flow.


Renault group consolidated revenues

(in € million) 2014 2013 Change 2014/2013
First Quarter      
Automotive 7,727 7,736 -0,1 %
Sales financing 530 529 +0,2 %
Total 8,257 8,265 -0,1 %


Quarterly information, March 31, 2014

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Quarterly information, March 31, 2014
Quarterly information, March 31, 2014