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Renault, partner of World Higher Education Challenge, Saturday 6 june at Charléty Stadium

03 June 2015  16:45

  • On 6 June 2015, Renault will be taking part, alongside some 7,000 students and young graduates from more than 300 business schools, engineering schools and universities across France, in the World Higher Education Challenge at the the Charléty Stadium in Paris.
  • This operation brings a further illustration of Renault's youth commitment, in a year that sees the company recruiting 1,000 employees on permanent contracts and 1,000 apprentices in France.

Through this partnership, more than a hundred Renault employees of every age, background and job function will be working together during a day-long sports and information event with the aim of inspiring a young audience with their enthusiasm and know-how, and guiding them in their early career choices.
The World Higher Education Challenge is a major schedule fixture, not only for students and young graduates but for companies, business schools, engineering schools and universities too.
It takes the form of an all-day meeting combining sports competitions, a careers forum manned by leading companies, and workshops on disability. The festive atmosphere is highly conducive to informal dialogue.

Jean Agulhon, Renault HR director, France : “This partnership seemed a very natural step for us to take. First because the event addresses students from universities as well as business and engineering schools; this extended spectrum of academic backgrounds chimes with our corporate culture and its emphasis on broad horizons and a strong attachment to unfettered ideas. Second, because it combines a festive atmosphere with the challenge inherent to sport. The values expressed through sport —passion, commitment, endeavour, team spirit, solidarity— are values that Renault nurtures. Third, because the focus on disability also ties in directly with our human resources policy.”

Renault at the 2015 World Higher Education Challenge: a collective commitment!

Sixty or so Renault employees volunteered to come and talk to students at the Renault, stand, which offers:
- Expert information on Renault's huge career scope
- Interviews with HR managers for students interested in a career with Renault
- Mailbox for applicants' CVs
- Special feature on innovation in our vehicle design processes

Unique exhibition, 6 June at Charléty: EOLAB, the 1-litre-per-100-km prototype
Visitors to Charléty will be able to admire the EOLAB 1-litre-per100-km prototype, fresh out of our engineering workshops.
EOLAB is an astounding engineering feat, harnessing around a hundred specific technological innovations to achieve fuel consumption of just one litre per hundred kilometres (for CO2 emissions of 22 g per km on the NEDC combined cycle).
It combines advanced technologies in aerodynamics, proportions and interior layout to offer a foretaste of the Renaults we'll be seeing tomorrow.
Throughout the event on 6 June, the experts who designed and developed EOLAB will be there alongside the vehicle to answer visitors' questions.
More information on EOLAB:

Renault expert advice: Throughout the event on 6 June, Renault experts will be on hand, between competitions and conferences, to advise and guide students and young graduates from EDHEC, HEC, EM Lyon, ESTACA, Telecom ParisTech, UTC and UPMC, talking about their own career paths and experiences to help the young people plan their career choices!

Renault sportspeople
- 25 Renault runners at the starting line for the 10 km (decathlon) race
- Renault team at the starting line for the 4 x 100 m trial (decathlon)
- Renault football team
- Ten participants in the wheelchair basketball competition

Renault experts at the conference table

Conference: Choosing your first job
Speakers: Jean Agulhon (Groupe Renault HR director, France) , alongside counterparts from Aéroports de Paris, Atos, Disneyland Paris, EDF, Generali, Lagardère and Nestlé
From 10:00 to 11:30 at French National Olympic Committee Centre, CNOSF, alongside le Charléty Stadium

Round tables with Renault speakers
Round table area (access by Careers Hall Mezzanine)


  • 11:30   Influences and carry-through from F1 to production engines
    Philippe Coblence (project onset alignment manager at Powertrain Engineering Department Direction) and Axel Plasse, Renault Sport F1 projects director.
  • 12:30  Transport and sustainable development: a major challenge for the cars of the future
    François Pistre, head of the research tax incentive office and director of the Sustainable Mobility Institute;  Dominique Levent, director of research & creativity strategy at the Engineering Department; and Jean Grebert, expert in mobility needs and transport needs at the Research Department.
  • 14:30  EOLAB, the energy transition vehicle
    Laurent Taupin, head of EOLAB project at Product Engineering Department.
  • 15:30 @Renault digital technologies, from design through to sale
    Eric Landel, expert in digital technologies, modelling and simulation.

16:30  The car of the future: electrical, electronic and software technologies addressing technological and social challenges
Patrick Bastard, driver assistance systems director at the Systems Engineering Department.

Round table: Higher education driving change in society
Keynote speaker: Christian Margaria, former chairman of Grandes Ecoles Conference
Renault speaker: Florence Dumez, Groupe Renault support functions HR director
14:30, Press Hall (VIP area, first floor)

Round table: Impact for students with disability
Keynote speaker: Christian Grapin, director of Tremplin Études-Handicap-Entreprises
Renault speaker: Christian Ploton, head of working conditions and disability accommodation, Renault France
14:30, Press Hall (VIP area, first floor)

Full schedule of the World Higher Education Challenge:

Renault support for around 100,000 young people every year

Renault runs a very active youth outreach policy, covering career development, qualification, equal opportunity, citizenship and skills development. Every year it takes on more than 2,200 young people on work-study programmes, close to 2,000 interns, and 200 young people without qualifications (in an operation run in partnership with employment offices). In early 2014, Renault went further still, with the Generations Contract setting out formal commitments on youth employment. This three-year agreement commits Renault to having young people on work-study programmes account for 5% of its overall workforce.

Renault also takes part in a wide range of sponsorship and partnership operations, such as Safety and Transport for All (a road safety programme that has reached 13 million children over the last 12 years) and Une Grande École, Pourquoi Pas Moi (a programme run in partnership with ESSEC and École Polytechnique to encourage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter, and succeed in, higher education).


Renault and disability: key figures

Groupe Renault
-          1,045 members of internal social network Handi@Renault
-          Backing for 20 non-profit organizations

Renault SAS
-          7.8% of workforce: 2,352 jobs
-          More than €5 million annual budget on disability
-          Work at home for 131 disabled employees (including 106 at Technocentre)
-          More than 150 aids granted to employees facing a disability situation
-          15,000 employees reached by disability awareness-raising programme every year
-          14 sites audited for accessibility by reduced-mobility persons


Renault, partner of World Higher Education Challenge, Saturday 6 june at Charléty Stadium

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Renault, partner of World Higher Education Challenge, Saturday 6 june at Charléty Stadium
Renault, partner of World Higher Education Challenge, Saturday 6 june at Charléty Stadium