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Renault Retail Group gives microcredit organization Adie a check for €30,000

28 March 2011  14:30

  • With the money, Renault Retail Group (RRG), Renault’s commercial subsidiary, is renewing its support for Adie, to help businesspeople who have received microcredit from ADIE to do their jobs better.


They are street vendors and home service providers, and have been having difficulty getting to work because either their car has broken down, or they have lost their driver’s license. Ten of them will receive a bonus of €1,500 each, as well as a special arrangement with local dealerships who can offer them low-priced second-hand cars or auto repairs at a discounted rate. Renault Retail Group will also pay for €1,500 worth of assistance from ADIE staff for each micro businessperson.

The check-giving ceremony, which takes place on Monday, March 28, will be attended by Catherine Barbaroux, Chairman of ADIE and Gilles Messier, CEO of Renault Retail Group.

RRG’s social and humanitarian fund, set up in 2003, has provided funding for more than 60 community projects run by not-for-profit organizations. The fund has an original source of financing. Financed by a levy on RRG’s employee profit-sharing scheme which is then matched by a contribution from RRG, the fund is covered by an agreement signed by the company’s management and all the representative trade unions.

Gilles Messier, CEO of Renault Retail Group

“By consolidating business resources, in this case vehicles, to secure jobs, we are developing our core business responsibly. This project means a lot to me because it involves our dealerships directly. I am proud to involve once again RRG with ADIE in an action that is completely in keeping with our goal of promoting sustainable mobility for everyone.”

As ADIE’s 2010 Annual Report shows, almost 25% of the new businesses started this year are in street vending and 24% in personal services. For all of them, commuting is an integral part of their work.

Catherine Barbaroux, Chairman of ADIE

“In 2011, Renault Retail Group has given a real helping hand to ten micro businesses supported by ADIE by giving them a bonus and funding support to help them develop their businesses. This support helped these people solve their transport problems (vehicle repairs, driver’s license, etc.). The commitment of a big company like Renault Retail Group to our organization shows how the mainstream economy and the not-for-profit sector can work together to build a more caring world."

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-Adie : Sandrine Bonamy-Leiba, 01 49 33 19 03, ,

-RRG : Clément Peltier, 01 76 83 43 60,

-Renault : Emmanuelle Lacoin, 01 76 84 63 36,,

About ADIE

ADIE is a not-for-profit organization that helps people who have been shut out of the labor market and the conventional banking system to create jobs for themselves by setting up their own business, through microcredit. With 130 centers and 190 reception areas, ADIE covers the whole of France. More than 450 staff are there to help small businesspeople. They are supported by more than 1,700 volunteers with a range of skills (management, administrative assistance, sales support, marketing, banking, etc.). Since it was started by Maria Nowak in 1989, ADIE has extended almost 94,000 small loans, and helped set up more than 72,000 businesses, which have created almost 93,500 jobs.

About RRG

Renault Retail Group, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Renault Group, sells new vehicles under the Renault, Dacia and Nissan brands in some countries. RRG has 223 branches across twelve European countries. RRG’s 12,000-strong workforce cover every aspect of sales and after-sales businesses. RRG generates one-quarter of Renault’s sales in Europe.


Renault Retail Group gives microcredit organization Adie a check for €30,000

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Renault Retail Group gives microcredit organization Adie a check for €30,000
Renault Retail Group gives microcredit organization Adie a check for €30,000