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Renault sponsors 24 merit scholarship students

13 December 2012  03:00

  • On December 12, 2012 the “Un Avenir Ensemble” foundation invited 24 executives and former executives from Renault, all them sponsors of merit scholarship high-school students, to a ceremony at the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honour in Paris.
  • The event was an opportunity to review Renault’s commitment to the foundation over the last three years and mark the start of a new class.
  • Every year the Group supports nearly 100,000 children, teenagers and young adults as part of its proactive policy for young people.



Sponsors interface between students, families and teaching teams

The Renault group signed a sponsorship agreement in March 2009 with “Un Avenir Ensemble”, a foundation that organizes sponsorships for young merit scholars from modest backgrounds, from high school through to their debuts in the professional world. Twelve executives and former executives from Renault each volunteered to support one of these students, the aim being to give them the chance to fulfill their potential and start their professional careers with the best possible qualifications.

Working together with families and teaching teams, sponsors have a number of responsibilities. They listen to, guide and advise their students in their academic and professional paths, all the while seeking to:


  • give them a deeper understanding of the professional environment;
  • steer them in the right direction as they acquire cultural and social experience;
  • identify and enhance their strong points;
  • and, where necessary, help to arrange financial assistance.

Promising results and the start of a new class

Three years later, those objectives have been clearly attained. The twelve scholarship students from the first class, from high schools near the Technocentre, Maubeuge and Ruitz sites, obtained their baccalauréat diplomas and are now studying at universities, technical universities and engineering schools in fields ranging from medicine, engineering, telecommunications and law to economics, sales and marketing and management. Throughout the three-year period, the sponsors helped their students to decide on a field of professional expertise, for example by offering them internships at Renault or arranging meetings with Group experts in an area of interest.

A second class of 12 sponsorships began in October, with six new high schools selected, all of them located close to a Renault site (Flins, Cléon, Sandouville, Douai, Batilly and Le Mans).

With the new class, all the Renault sites in France are now involved in the effort!


Renault supports some 100,000 young people every year

The Un Avenir Ensemble sponsorship initiative is part of the Renault group’s wider proactive policy for young people, focused on professional skills and qualifications but also on equal opportunities and the development of good-citizen values and knowledge. The company takes on 1,500 young people a year on work-study programs and 2,000 interns. Every year, in partnership with the Pôle Emploi national employment agency and local job agencies, it offers job opportunities to 200 young people without qualifications.

The Group also takes part in a diverse range of sponsorship and partnership initiatives from “Safety and Mobility for All” (which has raised the road-safety awareness of 13 million children over the past 11 years), “Courses en cours” (a competition involving over 10,000 middle- and high-school students in team technical projects) and “Une grande école pourquoi pas moi” (tutoring provided by the ESSEC school for middle- and high-school students form modest backgrounds). Renault supports nearly 100,000 children, teenagers and young adults every year.


“Un Avenir Ensemble” Foundation

Founded in March 2006 by General Jean-Pierre Kelche, Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honour, “Un Avenir Ensemble” lends a helping hand to young merit scholarship students whose disadvantaged socio-cultural background prevents them from pursuing further education and finding a job that corresponds to their aspirations and potential.

The Foundation, which was recognized as a public service organization by the Order of December 23, 2009, organizes sponsorships that help young people to succeed in their education and the start of their careers. Working with families and schools, sponsors provide students with advice and support, help them to access information and decide on their profession, listen to them and broaden their socio-cultural outlook.

“Un Avenir Ensemble” press contact:
Clémence Thouret
+33 (0)1 40 62 83 65



Renault sponsors 24 merit scholarship students

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Renault sponsors 24 merit scholarship students
Renault sponsors 24 merit scholarship students