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Renault takes to the track in the World Academic Sport Challenge

30 May 2016  11:10

The World Academic Sport Challenge is a major annual event involving students and recent graduates, as well as companies and universities.
More than 100 Groupe Renault employees from all backgrounds, job functions and professional grades and of all ages will be participating in the event with the single goal of sharing their passion and expertise with young people. This fun sporting event is also designed to support young people in their career choices.
The World Academic Sport Challenge is a one-day event which includes a sporting competition, a job fair attended by leading companies and disability awareness-raising workshops – all in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Tristan Lormeau, Renault’s Human Resources Director for France , commented: “The Challenge perfectly reflects our employee diversity policy, bringing together students and graduates of major business and engineering schools and universities and young people with disabilities. It’s also a major sporting event and values like teamwork and exceeding personal targets are vital to inventing the cars of the future. We’re still recruiting in 2016: 1,000 people on permanent contracts and 1,000 apprentices. On June 4, we hope to attract some talented individuals!”

Renault employees and the 2016 World Academic Sport Challenge

  • More than 60 staff members will be welcoming students to the Renault stand. Our programme of events includes:
    - Informal meetings with experts about our various job functions.
    - Drop-in interviews with recruiters; otherwise students can leave their resumes and application forms.
    - A display of a 3D printer outlining the innovative technology we use in our vehicle design and development processes.
    - Around 100 speed recruiting interviews scheduled with pre-selected candidates.
  • The new Scénic on display at Charléty Stadium on June 4
    The new Scénic was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March and is already shaping up to be a huge success when it goes on sale in October.
    Event participants will be lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the vehicle along with its suite of innovative, high-tech features when it goes on display.
    The experts who designed and developed the new Scénic will be available all day on June 4 to answer visitors’ questions.

    More information about the new Scénic
  • Renault employees take to the track and field
    - 36 Renault runners will take part in the 10-kilometre event (decathlon)
    - One team will compete in the 4 x 100 metre relay (decathlon)
    - One soccer team
    - One wheelchair basketball team
    - One giant foosball team
  • The 2016 World Academic Sport Challenge will play host to an outstanding event: the 4 x 100 metre relay of legends . Four world-famous sporting heroes from France – Christine Arron, Muriel Hurtis, Ronald Pognon and Christophe Lemaître – will compete in a 4 x 100 metre relay against two student teams and two company teams. It will be an unforgettable event for everyone involved!
  • Renault experts take the floor: A schedule of conferences and round-table discussions
    Auditorium of the Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français (CNOSF), adjacent to the Charléty Stadium

    10am - Conference – How to choose your first job
    With Claire Fanget, Human Resources Director for Sales & Marketing, Corporate Design and Quality, Groupe Renault , and her counterparts from Atos, Disneyland Paris, EDF, Generali, Lagardère, Nestlé and SNCF.

    2.30pm - Conference – Give your early career an international dimension
    With Véronique Sarlat Depotte, Deputy Managing Director of Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organisation (RNPO) , and senior executives from Atos, Nestlé and SNCF.

    Round-table discussions hosted by Renault
    Round-table area (mezzanine level of the jobs fair)

    9am - Opportunities and impact of the digital revolution at Groupe Renault
    Raphaëlle Aré, Manager, User Experience and Digital Transformation

    12 noon - What future for autonomous cars?
    Mathieu Lips, Brand Vision Concept Programme

    4pm - The role of women in engineering, logistics and supply chain management at Groupe Renault
    Virginie Maillard, Director, Research & Strategy, and Fadila Rachedi, Manager, Industrial Logistics

For the full programme of events, go to:

Renault supports around 100,000 young people every year

Renault has implemented a highly proactive policy to support young people, including opportunities for professional training and gaining qualifications, equal opportunity, developing good citizenship and knowledge-building. Every year, the company hosts more than 2,400 young people on work-study programmes and nearly 2,000 interns. Under a partnership with the French employment agency and local services, it takes on 200 young people without qualifications per year. In early 2014, Renault set out its commitments to youth employment in a formal agreement called the ‘generation contract’. Under the three-year agreement, Renault committed to having five percent of its total workforce on work-study contracts.

The Group is also involved in patronage initiatives and a wide range of partnerships, including ‘Safety and Mobility for All’ (13 million children have been educated in road safety over the past 13 years) and the ‘Une Grande École, Pourquoi Pas Moi’ programme in partnership with ESSEC and École Polytechnique (enabling young people from disadvantaged areas to succeed in their higher education).

Renault and disability: key figures

Groupe Renault
- 1,045 members of the Handi@Renault in-house social network
- 20 organisations supported

Renault S.A.S
- People with disabilities account for 7.05% of the total workforce (nearly 2,175 positions)
- Annual disability budget: more than €5 million
- 131 employees with disabilities are tele-workers (106 from the Technocentre)
- More than 160 grants given to employees dealing with a disability
- Awareness-raising training in disabilities given to 15,000 employees each year
- 14 facilities audited for access for people with disabilities


About Groupe Renault
Groupe Renault has been making cars since 1898. Today it is an international multi-brand group, selling more than 2.8 million vehicles in 125 countries in 2015, with 36 manufacturing sites, 12,000 sales outlets and employing more than 120,000 people. To meet the major technological challenges of the future and continue its strategy of profitable growth, the Group is harnessing its international growth and the complementary fit of its three brands, Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, together with electric vehicles and the unique Alliance with Nissan. With a new team in Formula 1 and a strong commitment to Formula E, Renault sees motorsport as a vector of innovation and brand awareness.

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Renault takes to the track in the World Academic Sport Challenge

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Renault takes to the track in the World Academic Sport Challenge
Renault takes to the track in the World Academic Sport Challenge