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Sales result france, august 2011

01 September 2011  12:45

  • The Renault brand once again increased passenger car (PC) sales (up 4.8% on 2010) and the Renault group (Renault / Dacia) sold more PCs than any other automotive group in August. More than one vehicle in four sold to private consumers is a Renault group vehicle.
  • The Renault group posted strong light commercial vehicle (LCV) sales, confirming its number-one position ahead of all other automotive groups (more than one vehicle in three).
  • Dacia brand sales of gasoline and diesel PC models rose 7.7%. The year-on-year fall in sales of all engine categories combined resulted from the discontinuation of government aid for LPG engines (€2,000) at the end of 2010, which accounted for 46% of Dacia sales at end-August 2010.

Renault group

- Renault group PC + LCV sales grew 0.6% on 2010 despite the decrease at Dacia (see end of LPG incentives compared with 2010). The Group took a 26.7% share of the market in August.

- The Renault group led the market in sales to private consumers, with a 10.5% rise in volume.

- In an LCV market that rose 5.8%, Group sales increased 7.9%. The Renault group confirmed its LCV leadership in France with a 34.5% share of the market.

Renault brand

- Renault put in an excellent performance in sales to private consumers with a 35.5% increase in volume.

- Clio was the best-selling vehicle in France in August  and year-to-date. Renault leads the A, B and C segments with Twingo, Clio and Mégane.

Dacia brand

- Dacia ranked sixth in France in PC sales and fifth in sales to private consumers.

- Duster was the top-selling model in the SUV segment.

Bernard Cambier, Senior Vice President, Market Area France, commented:

“The supply difficulties we experienced in the first half-year are practically behind us now. We remain optimistic for the last third of the year. We will now be able to take advantage of our very strong order book, with order performance holding up well in August and a confident network.”

RESULTATS Mois d'août 2011
GROUPE RENAULT VP+VU 35 077 PDM         :           26,7 % vs. 27,5 %                 août- 10
GROUPE RENAULT VP 27 116 PDM         :           25,7 % vs. 26,1 %                 août- 10
GROUPE RENAULT VU 7 961 PDM         :           34,5 % vs. 33,8 %                 août- 10
MARQUE RENAULT VP 22 181 PDM         :           20,4 % vs. 20,1 %                 août- 10
MARQUE RENAULT VU 7 648 PDM         :           33,1 % vs. 32,5 %                 août- 10
MARQUE DACIA VP 4 935 PDM         :             4,6 % vs. 6,0 %                 août- 10
MARQUE DACIA VU 313 PDM         :             1,4 % vs. 1,3 %                 août- 10







Sales result france, august 2011

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Sales result france, august 2011
Sales result france, august 2011