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Communiqués de presse

Sales results, France 2011

02 January 2012  11:30

A positive and mixed year for the Renault group

After falling sharply in the first half-year owing to supply capacity constraints for engines and the disruptions caused by the tsunami in Japan, Renault’s sales recovered strongly in the second half, especially among private consumers, where the Group is market leader.

  • In the private consumer market, the Group took the number-one slot in the second half-year
    and on an annual aggregate basis: one vehicle in four sold to individuals is a Group model.

    - The Renault brand consolidated its top ranking for the year.

    - The Dacia brand ranked No 5 in a context marked by the termination of the scrappage scheme and LPG bonus.

  • In the fleet market , the Group confirmed its leadership position with a share of more than 30%. This result is due in particular to the excellent performance of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) in this sales channel (the Group has a 36.1% market for LCVs). In the passenger fleet market, however, the Group recorded its steepest decline (-3.6 percentage points), having decided for profitability reasons not to go along with the aggressive pricing policies in this market.

  • In the LCV market, Renault consolidated its leadership even further: one LCV in three sold in 2011 was a  Group model and three of its vehicles took the top three places.

Renault group

PCs + LCVs:

- The Group’s registrations declined by 7.5% across all sales channels. It took 26.1% of the market, down -1. 7 points on 2010. The Renault brand was down by -6.4% and Dacia by -14.4%.


- Despite declining sales, the Renault group took a 24.7% market share, and four of its vehicles were among the ten best-selling models in France: Renault Clio and Renault Mégane in first and second places and Renault Twingo at No 6, while Dacia Duster entered the top ten.
- The Group’s performance in the second half-year was on a par with the same period in 2010, with a market share of nearly 26%.


-  The Group’s performance was in line with 2010: one vehicle in three registered in France is a Renault group model. The Renault brand consolidated its leadership position with a 32% market share and three vehicles – Kangoo, Clio Car Derived and Master – taking the top three places in 2011.

Dacia brand:

-  Dacia, the No 5 PC brand, saw a -0.6 point contraction in its market share, chiefly due to the expiration of government subsidies for LPG powered vehicles and to engine supply constraints stemming from the tsunami in Japan. Maximum use of production capacity from September onward was not enough to offset the first-half fall in output.

- Dacia, the No 7 PC brand, consolidated its position in the French market, selling nearly 90,000 vehicles.

- Dacia ranks No 5 for sales to private consumers.

- Dacia Duster entrenched its marketplace success as the sixth most popular model among private consumers, up 165.5% on 2010.

Commenting, Bernard Cambier, Senior Vice President, Market Area France, said:

“After two years during which sales were boosted by government incentive schemes, 2011 beat our expectations for registrations. After serious supply difficulties in the first half-year, the Group took the number-one slot for sales to private consumers in the second half – the first time for a long time – and consolidated its unchallenged leadership in LCVs.

Given the economic uncertainty that lies ahead, 2012 is going to be tougher. The PC+ LCV market is likely to contract by -7% compared with 2011, with a steep fall of around 17% in the first quarter. Against this backdrop, the Renault group’s performance in the early part of the year will slacken, particularly for the Dacia brand. Nonetheless, the Group expects to at least maintain its sales performance at 2011’s levels, with Dacia sales surging in the second half year”.


Results Volume Market share Change in market share 2010/2011 (points)
Renault group, PCs + LCVs 687,356 26.1% - 1.7
Renault group, PCs 544,697 24.7% - 2
Renault group, LCVs 142,659 33.2% - 0.5
Renault brand, PCs 455,718 20.7% -1.4
Renault brand, LCVs 137,361 32% -0.5
Dacia brand, PCs 88,979 4% - 0.6
Dacia brand, LCVs 5,298 1.2% -  0.07



Sales results, France 2011

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Sales results, France 2011
Sales results, France 2011