Communiqués de presse
Communiqués de presse

Sales results France – April 2013

• The Renault group increased its share of the French PC market in April by 0.5 points to 22.9%. Aggregate market share for the first four months of the year was up 1.3 points to 23.9%.
• The Renault group grew its PC+LCV market share for the first four months of 2013 by 0.5 points to 25.2%.
• New Clio was the best-selling vehicle in France, both in April and on an aggregate basis for the first four months of the year.
• With a 4.9% share of the PC market, Dacia grew by 1 point in April and 1.5 points through the year to end-April, confirming its place as the number-five car brand in France. 

02 May 2013  12:50

PC market

In a market that contracted 5.2%, the Renault group registered 36,213 vehicles in April and took a 22.9% share of the market, up 0.5 points on 2012.

Renault, the number-one French brand, registered 28,457 vehicles for an 18.0% market share, down 0.5 points on 2012.
With 9,461 registrations in April and 37,141 in the year through end-April, New Clio remained the clear market leader.
In its first sales month, Captur already totaled 1,934 registrations.

At end-April, Twingo, Clio, Mégane and Scénic remained the leaders in their respective segments.
With 2,347 registrations at end-April, ZOE was far and away the top-selling electric vehicle in France, accounting for 73.6% of the electric PC market.

Dacia increased its market share by one point in April and registered 7,756 vehicles, confirming its number-five ranking in France. The brand fully benefitted from the continued success of New Sandero (with 3,311 registrations, the second best-selling vehicle in consumer sales in April) and the gradual establishment of Lodgy (1,202 registrations) in the compact minivan segment.

LCV market

In a market that fell 8.7%, the Renault group registered 9,946 vehicles in April (-17.1%) for a 30.4% market share (-4.8 points compared with a particularly strong month in April 2012). The Group took a 31.6% share of the market on an aggregate basis through end-April.

Kangoo remained the best-selling LCV in France in April and in the first four months of 2013.
With 1,487 registrations at end-April, Kangoo Z.E. accounted for 83.5% of the electric LCV market.

Commenting, Bernard Cambier , Senior Vice President, Market Area France, said: “ Our order taking in April, despite a sharp market contraction, along with the enthusiasm of our network and the confirmed success of New Clio and Captur, make us optimistic about meeting our annual objectives”.

April 2013 Sales YOY change MS
RENAULT GROUP PC+LCV 46,159 -6.3% 24.2%
RENAULT GROUP PC 36,213 -2.8% 22.9%
RENAULT GROUP LCV 9,946 -17.1% 30.4%
RENAULT BRAND PC 28,457 -7.5% 18.0%
RENAULT BRAND LCV 9,626 -17.0% 29.4%
DACIA BRAND PC 7,756 +19.1% 4.9%
DACIA BRAND LCV 320 -20.6% 1.0%


Sales results France – April 2013

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Sales results France – April 2013
Sales results France – April 2013