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Sales Results France -October 2012 (English version this afternoon)

Sales Results France -October 2012

In a market that continued to fall (by 8%), Renault group PC + LCV sales volumes were down 25.5%. The Group took a 23.8% share of the market.

In a PC market that contracted 7.8%, Renault brand sales were down 27.2% on October 2011, which was a very strong month for Renault. The Renault brand continued to lead the PC market with an 18.1% share.

In LCVs, despite a 21% decrease, the Renault brand remained the market leader with a 31% share.

02 November 2012  11:30

Renault PC
Twingo and Mégane remained the leaders in their respective segments.

New Clio is in the launch phase. Order levels are excellent and will soon be converted into registrations. As a result, sales of Clio III (which will continue its career as “Clio Collection” alongside New Clio) are automatically down.

Dacia PC
The Dacia brand is renewing its range with the ramp-up of Dokker and the arrival of New Sandero at the end of the year.

October was a good month for the brand in terms of orders, but registrations will not be visible before December.

Commenting, Bernard Cambier, Senior Vice President, Market Area France, said:
“Results in October are unsatisfactory but nevertheless in line with our forecasts. In PCs, the Renault brand posted a performance close to its aggregate since the start of the year. Only in December will we start to see stronger PC + LCV results than last year. Good news came in the shape of the success of new models, starting with Clio IV, for which we have taken 18,000 orders since launch in mid-September. Overall, orders were strong in October – better than last year – which enables us to make progress with our portfolio.”

October 2012 VOLUMES Var vs 2011
MS %
RENAULT GROUP PC+LCV 47 045 -25.5% 23.8%
RENAULT GROUP PC 36 008 -26.4% 22.2%
RENAULT GROUP LCV 11 037 -22.7% 31.5%
RENAULT PC 29 382 -27.2% 18.1%
RENAULT LCV 10 875 -21.0% 31.0%
DACIA PC 6 626 -22.6% 4.1%
DACIA LCV 162 -68.1% 0.5%


Sales Results France -October 2012 (English version this afternoon)

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Rié Yamane

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Sales Results France -October 2012 (English version this afternoon)
Sales Results France -October 2012 (English version this afternoon)