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Sales results France, September 2011

The Renault group reported a PC + LCV market share of over 30% in September


03 October 2011  11:00

  • Renault was the leading group in PC, LCV and PC + LCV combined.
  • The Renault brand alone was the leading brand in sales to consumers, ahead of all other automotive groups.
  • The Renault brand alone was the number-one LCV brand ahead of all other automotive groups.
  • Dacia continued its positive momentum. Despite a 2010 performance boosted by LPG aid, Dacia increased PC sales thanks to the success of Duster.


Renault group

  • In a PC + LCV market that contracted 2.3%, Renault group sales increased 5.2% (on 2010). The Group posted its best performance in five years with a 30.0% share of the market (up 2.1 pts on 2010) thanks to a strong order book and an excellent sales dynamic in September.
  • Excellent PC performance, with a 28.6% share of the market for the Group (up 2.7 pts on 2010).
  • With 37% market share, the Renault group confirmed its position as the LCV market leader in France.


The Renault brand

  • Renault posted an excellent performance in sales to consumers, with a 23% increase in volume. Renault was the number-one brand in this sales channel for the second consecutive month, ahead of all other automotive groups.
  • Clio was the top-selling vehicle in France in September and year to date.
  • Renault leads the A, B and C segments with Twingo, Clio and Mégane, and the LCV segment with Kangoo, Trafic and Master.

The Dacia brand

  • Despite the end of the LPG bonus (45% of Dacia sales at end-September 2010), Dacia PC reported increase sales thanks to the excellent performance of Duster, with sales up 118% on September 2010.


Commenting, Bernard Cambier, Senior Vice President, Market Area France, said: “Looking beyond the performance in September, which was expected, we are very satisfied with order intakes in September, the considerable success of our Open Doors Campaigns and an order book that remained strong. This illustrates the sales momentum of the Renault group and its network in France.
The success of Duster for Dacia and the leadership of the Renault brand, ahead of the other automotive groups, both in consumer and LCV sales, make us confident for the last months of 2011.”


RESULTS   September  2011
RENAULT GROUP PC+LCV   60 674   MS : 30,0 %   vs.   27,9 % sept-10
RENAULT GROUP PC   47 970   MS : 28,6 %   vs.   26,0 % sept-10
RENAULT GROUP LCV   12 704   MS : 37,0 %   vs.   36,9 % sept-10
RENAULT PC   42 688   MS : 25,5 %   vs.   23,0 % sept-10
RENAULT LCV   12 309   MS : 35,8 %   vs.   36,0 % sept-10
DACIA PC   5 282   MS : 3,2 %   vs.   2,9 % sept-10
DACIA LCV   395   MS : 1,2 %   vs.   0,9 % sept-10


Sales results France, September 2011

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Sales results France, September 2011
Sales results France, September 2011