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The Renault network is hiring

02 July 2015  14:00

Renault’s sales network in France is recruiting 1,000 people in 2015.

The young recruits will be offered real career opportunities in the brand’s private dealership network and at its Renault Retail Group subsidiary.

Renault is looking for applicants with two years of higher education for commercial positions in sales and after-sales.


To respond to the business growth in the sales network stemming from the success of the new models in the range, Renault’s French Sales Division is launching a campaign entitled “The Renault Network is Hiring”.

The campaign is aimed at attracting the finest talents to the Renault network to prepare for the future. It concerns:

¡  collecting of all applications on the new website

¡  sending the applications to the network and the corresponding follow-up,

¡  a national communication plan to spread the word about these opportunities.

The needs of the sales network are estimated at around 1,000 hires in 2015, all jobs combined. The positions will be available across France in the private dealership network and at Renault Retail Group, the retail subsidiary of the Renault Group.

The positions will mainly be for:

¡ sales advisors , responsible for the sales of new and used vehicles, financing and services, in showrooms or in the field,

¡ service advisors , tasked with welcoming customers in after-sales at the brand’s workshops.

Other positions will also be available in after-sales, notably for mechanics, body-shop personnel, warehouse employees and workshop heads.



These recruitments for the French sales network are to be added to the plan to recruit 1,000 people announced by Carlos Ghosn on 12 February and the recruitment of 60 people announced by RCI Banque on 27 May.

Philippe Buros, SVP Market Area France at Renault, commented: The Renault brand is making progress in France. Our new models are a success and the ambitious product plan ahead of us will further strengthen activity in our sales network. So there are opportunities for the men and women looking to join the country’s number-one automotive retail network and play a part in the development of the Renault brand in France.”

The new recruits will join a business sector offering real career development opportunities.

To acquire professional knowledge and consistently improve their skills, the personnel in the Renault network benefit throughout their careers from major investments in training. Renault’s training system in France provides 400,000 hours of training a year to over 22,000 people at eight regional training centers.


A national communication campaign

The recruitment plan is backed by a national communication campaign. Launched on 15 June, it will run for four months across a comprehensive range of media including job search and automotive websites, the social media and email shot campaigns.


The Renault sales network *


The Renault network comprises a primary network, in direct contractual relations with the manufacturer, and a secondary network, in contractual relations with the primary network.

The primary Renault network includes:

  • the Renault Retail Group network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renault Group, composed of 49 RRG establishments in France,
  • a network of 84 private partners, made up of 62 groups and 22 independents, representing a total 275 Renault dealerships.

The secondary Renault network comprises 3,552 agents.

In all, the Renault sales network employs 55,000 people in France.


* At 30 June 2015


The Renault network is hiring

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The Renault network is hiring
The Renault network is hiring