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Communiqué de presse

World Sales Results 2012

The Renault group is successfully pursuing its international offensive.

In 2012, the Group set a new record outside Europe with 1,279,598 vehicles sold (+9.1%). For the first time in its history, the Group generated more than half of its sales outside Europe.

However, this international success did not offset an 18% fall in sales in Europe.

Overall, with 2,550,286 vehicles sold worldwide, Group sales were down 6.3% on 2011.

18 January 2013  09:00


Highlights in 2012

  • In international regions: the Group set new records in sales and market share in two regions, the Americas and Eurasia. Brazil and Russia are now the Group’s second and third biggest markets respectively.

  • In Europe: against a backdrop of market crisis (-8.6%), and efforts to defend margins and restructure the sales offering in the UK, the Group had market share of 9.1% (-1 point) and sales of 1,270,688 vehicles, down 18%.

  • Renault expanded its electric range in 2012, with Twizy, which has topped sales of 9,000 units since launch. With Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Z.E., Renault is No. 1 on the electric vehicle market in Europe with market share of 28%.

  • Launched in fourth-quarter 2012 in Europe and Turkey, New Clio is a success with its audience.

  • In the LCV market, the Renault brand increased its market share in international regions and in Europe, maintaining its leadership for the 15th consecutive year, with market share of 15.5%.

The Group’s international expansion strategy is bringing results. In 2012, we set a new international sales record with the Renault and Dacia brands. Nevertheless, this success could not totally make up for falling sales in Europe. In market conditions that were tougher than expected, we sought primarily to defend our margins, ” said Jérôme Stoll , Member of the Executive Committee, Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing & Light Commercial Vehicles.


Sales by brand

  • Renault sales were down 6% on 2011, despite growing by a strong 13.9% outside Europe. With 2,124,773 units sold, the brand accounts for 83% of Group sales.

  • Dacia sales rose 4.8% to 359,822 units, buoyed by the expansion of the range in 2012 with the arrival of Lodgy (an MPV), Dokker (the first LCV), and the renewal of Sandero and Logan.

  • Renault Samsung Motors saw sales fall 44.4% to 65,691 units. The brand is restructuring its sales network and product offering and targeting a recovery from 2013. New SM5, the first vehicle launched since the roll-out of the brand’s Revival Plan, has made a good start.

In Europe: a market in crisis and an unfavourable market mix

In a market in crisis, Group sales fell by 18% for market share of 9.1% (-1 point). The Renault brand is No. 3 on the PC/LCV market.

  • Renault is highly exposed to markets in France and Southern Europe, and brand sales have suffered from the significant downturn on these markets.
    At the same time, the brand pursued the policy initiated in 2011 to defend unit margins:
    1. Restructuring its sales presence in the UK, where it had market share of 2.4%, down 1.6 point
    2. Against a backdrop of strong price pressure, pursuit of a virtuous policy in pricing and sales by channel, despite the ageing of the range, prior to the launch of New Clio.

  • The Renault brand confirmed its leadership in LCV sales for the 15th consecutive year, with market share of 15.5%.

  • Renault is the first brand to offer a range of four electric models, and is European leader with market share of 28%.

  • The Dacia brand expanded its product offering with the launch of Lodgy, taking market share of 1.6%, a rise of 0.1 point. In France, where it ranks No. 6, Dacia increased market share by 0.1 points to 3.7%. In Spain, brand market share rose 0.6 points to 2.3%.

  • In France, despite a 24.7% fall in sales, the Renault brand remains No. 1 for PC sales. Twingo, Mégane and Scénic are all leaders in their segment. In LCV sales, the brand dominated the market with market share of 32.1% (+0.1 point) despite a 10.1% fall in registrations. Kangoo, Master and Clio Fleet are the three best-selling LCVs, all brands.

Outside Europe: a 9.1% rise in sales, confirming the Group’s international expansion

  • Group sales outside Europe accounted for 50.2% of the total, compared with 43.1% in 2011, a rise of 7.1 points.

  • With 1,279,598 vehicles sold, the Group set a new sales record and made progress across all regions. International growth was driven by products tailored to the needs of international customers (Pulse, Scala, Novo Clio, New SM5, etc.) and by the local production of vehicles based on the M0 platform (Duster, Logan). Brazil and Russia are now the Group’s second and third biggest markets respectively.

  • The Renault brand now ranks No. 3 in Russia. It is No. 5 in Brazil, with sales well above the 200,000 mark.

  • LCV sales on international markets rose 14.6% to 99,690 units (29.6% of the total volume, a rise of 5.6 points).


Eurasia region: sales up by 21.6%, Russia becomes the Group’s third biggest market

The Group posted record sales of almost 208,000 units, increasing its market share to over 6% (6.2%) for the first time.

In Russia: the Renault brand set a new record for both sales (+22.7%) and market share (6.5%, (+0.6 points) with 189,852 vehicles sold. It now ranks No. 3 on the market, following its breakthrough in the C segment (44% rise in sales of Mégane and Fluence) and the success of Duster. Launched in March, this model is already the country’s third best-selling 4WD. The brand is continuing to deploy its sales network with 15 new dealerships, taking the total to 153 at end-2012.


Americas region: a new record in sales (+13.6%) and market share (6.6%, a rise of +0.5 point)

The Group posted a new record in sales and market share with 450,916 vehicles sold, on the back of the successful launch of Duster and the renewal of Sandero.

Brazil remains the Renault group’s second biggest market. Sales rose 24.3% in a market that grew by 6.1%. Growing four times faster than the market, the Renault brand set a new record for both sales (241,594 units) and market share (6.6%, +1 point).

In Argentina , in a falling market, the Group increased sales by 12%, setting a new record with 118,727 units sold. Market share totalled 14.8% (+1.8 point). Argentina thus becomes the Group’s fifth biggest market.

The Group is pursuing its development in both passenger cars and LCVs, with the extension of the dedicated Renault Pro+ network, which now has 46 sales points.

Euromed-Africa Region: sales up 4.4% for market share of 14.8% (+0.1 point)

With 360,918 vehicles sold, the Group set a new sales record and consolidated its position on the region’s main markets.

Algeria posted record sales of 113,664 units, a rise of 51.5%, topping the 100,000 mark for the first time. In a strongly growing market, the Renault group increased its market share by 0.8 points to 26%. The Renault brand held on to the No. 1 position, thanks to the success of Logan and Clio, while Dacia now ranks No. 4 (6th in 2011).

In Morocco: the Dacia and Renault brands topped the sales rankings once more (47,709 units, a new record) for market share of 36.6%.

In Romania: the Group maintained its leadership with market share of 33.8% (28,225 units sold). Dacia remains No. 1 on the market with Logan, Sandero and Duster.

In Turkey: the Renault brand remains No. 1 on the PC market with market share of 13.1% (-2.8 points), despite Symbol diesel reaching the end of its market career. The launch of New Clio is a success.

Asia-Pacific region: a faster pace in India

In 2012, Renault stepped up the pace in India. The Renault range now comprises five products, with Pulse, Duster and Scala joining the range after Fluence and Koleos. These launches illustrate the Group’s determination to be a key player on this market, which is the third key component in its international strategy, alongside Russia and Brazil. The Group had market share of 1.1%.

In China, where the Group increased the number of dealerships to 95, Renault sales rose +22.4% to 29,724 units, thanks to the success of Koleos and a full range of Sedans, from Fluence to Talisman.

In Korea, sales fell 45.1%. Renault Samsung Motors is going through a transition period, with the restructuring of its sales network and product offering.

Market outlook for the Renault group in 2013

In 2013, the global market is expected to grow by 3% on 2012, while the European market is expected to fall by at least 3%.

Building on its international development strategy and the launch of attractive new products, the Renault group is setting a course for growth in 2013. We will pursue our development strategy in international markets. In Europe, our objective is to win back market share while continuing to implement a virtuous commercial strategy. Our growth will be driven by New Clio, which has made a strong start, and by a major product offensive with the launch of Captur, ZOE, New Clio Estate, New Symbol, New Logan, New Sandero, New Fluence and Novo Clio, ” said Jérôme Stoll , Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing & Light Commercial Vehicles.


Total sales by brand

  Overall total at end-December *
  2012 2011 % change
PC 1,803,065 1,918,862 -6%
LCV 321,708 342,409 -6%
PC + LCV 2,124,773 2,261,271 -6%
PC 65,691 118,135 - 44.4%
PC 344,912 323,145 + 6.7%
LCV 14,91 20,332 - 26.7%
PC + LCV 359,822 343,477 + 4.8%
PC 2,213,668 2,360,142 - 6.2%
LCV 336,618 362,741 - 7.2%
PC + LCV 2,550,286 2,722,883 - 6.3%


Total Group sales, PC +LCV by region

  Overall total at end-December*
  2012 2011 % change
France 551,314 689,023 -20%
Europe** (excl. France) 719,374 861,179 - 16.5%
Total France - Europe 1,270,688 1,550,202 -18%
Euromed-Africa 360,918 345,865 + 4.4%
Eurasia 207,751 170,831 + 21.6%
Americas 450,916 396,927 + 13.6%
Asia-Pacific 260,013 259,058 + 0.4%
Total excl. France +  Europe 1,279,598 1,172,681 + 9.1%
TOTAL 2,550,286 2,722,883 - 6.3%

* Sales
Europe = European Union (24 countries) + Croatia, Iceland, Norway & Switzerland


The Renault group’s ten main markets at end-December 2012

France 551,314 24.2%
Brazil 241,594 6.6%
Russia 189,852 6.5%
Germany 170,303 5.1%
Argentina 118,727 14.8%
Turkey 118,169 15.2%
Algeria 113,664 26%
Iran 100,783 9.8%
Italy 96,144 6.3%
Spain 83,366 10.7%



World Sales Results 2012

2012 Commercial sales results

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World Sales Results 2012
2012 Commercial sales results
World Sales Results 2012
2012 Commercial sales results