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Worldwide Sales results 2010

10 January 2011  09:00

The Renault group has set a new record with sales of 2.6 million vehicles, an increase of 14% on 2009


  • The three brands Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors have all increased volumes.
  • All the Group’s Regions boosted volumes and market share.
  • In Europe, Renault moves up one place in the rankings to become No. 2 in passenger car (PC) and light utility vehicle (LCV) sales, outpacing all competitors (+0.8 points in market share). In LCV sales, the brand consolidates its No.1 position with market share of 15.9%.


“We are delighted with the new sales record set by the Group in 2010, breaking our standing record from 2005. We are making progress in all regions and pursuing our international offensive. All the Group’s brands are contributing to this momentum,” said Jérôme Stoll, Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing and Light Commercial Vehicles .


. In the PC+LCV market, the Renault group had market share of 3.7% . In a global market that expanded by 11.8%, the Group increased sales volumes by 14% to more than 2,625,000 vehicles. The existing sales record was 2,535,000 vehicles in 2005.

. In the PC market, the Renault group had market share of 4.4% . In a global market that expanded by 10.6%, the Group increased sales volumes by 12.8% to more than 2,293,000 vehicles.


. In Europe , the Group increased market share by 1.1 points and raised sales volumes by 7.4%, with 1,642,000 units sold in a market that contracted by-3.6%.

. Outside Europe , the Group is continuing to progress in high-growth markets (+19.4%), with sales volumes surging by 26% to almost 983,000 units. Group sales outside Europe now account for 37% of sales, compared with 34% in 2009.


. The Group’s market momentum is backed by a complete range of products, tailored to its markets.

For the Renault brand, the Mégane family is continuing to increase its share of the C segment (+1.2 points in Europe). New Master is consolidating the brand’s leadership in LCVs. Duster is a huge success for the Dacia brand. The new SM5 launched in South Korea in early 2010 by

Renault Samsung Motors has claimed 24.6% of its segment (excluding imported vehicles), with more than 67,000 vehicles sold.


. The Renault brand boosted volumes by 14% on 2009, to take global market share of 3%.

. The Dacia brand boosted volumes by 12% on 2009 for global market share of 1.6% in Europe (+0.3 vs 2009). In France, it claimed market share of more than 4%, an increase of 1.6 points.

. The Renault Samsung Motors brand is present in two countries (South Korea and Chile). It sells modern, executive vehicles, primarily for the Korean market. Following a 16.5% surge in sales, it now has 11.9% of the PC market in South Korea, the Group’s fourth biggest market.



The Renault group reported record sales in 2010.

All the brands contributed to the increase: Renault grew by 14%, Dacia by 12% and Renault Samsung Motors by 19%.

All the regions contributed to the Group’s growth: Europe grew by 7.4%, Euromed by 13.1%, Eurasia by 32.5%, Asia-Africa by 24.5% and the Americas by 38.9%. The Group increased its market share on 14 of its main 15 markets.


Outlook for the Renault group in 2011

. With the global market in 2011 expected to grow by more than 4% on 2010, the Group will pursue its growth on buoyant markets outside Europe.

. In a European market that is expected to remain globally stable – between 0% and -2% in 2011, the Group will consolidate its positions.

“In 2011 we will be pursuing two main thrusts: to step up our international expansion through all the brands and to launch our range of electric vehicles in the second half of the year,” said Jérôme Stoll, Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing and Light Commercial Vehicles .


Worldwide Sales results 2010

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Worldwide Sales results 2010
Worldwide Sales results 2010