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Worldwide sales results Half Year 2012

11 July 2012  13:30

International sales hit a record high, rising 14.3% to the market’s 9.5% thanks to strong performances in Russia and Brazil. However, this growth was insufficient to offset the 14.9% fall in sales in Europe.

The Renault group sold 1.3 million vehicles worldwide, down 3.3% on first-half 2011 despite a positive second quarter (up 1.2 %). Market share came to 3.3%, down 0.3 points.

Renault group highlights in first-half 2012

  • International : the Group successfully pursued its growth strategy with record sales of 620,306 vehicles, up 14.3% year on year. A full 47% of Group sales are now made outside Europe, compared with 39% on first half 2011.
  • Europe : Group sales were down 14.9% owing to a sharp fall in the markets (and France in particular) and to the Group’s unit margin defense strategy and the range restructure in the UK.
  • France : Renault group sales contracted 15.2%, the result of a strong first-quarter 2011 boosted by the last deliveries of scrappage-bonus vehicles and a weaker than expected market. The Renault brand continued to lead the A, B and C segments with Twingo, Clio III and Mégane and Scénic Collection 2012. The Group took a 32.9% share of the light commercial vehicle market with more sales than any group.
  • Renault now leads the electric vehicle market in Europe with a 31.4% (i) share of the market thanks to Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Z.E.
  • For the light commercial vehicles, the market share of the Renault has increased in all the regions. In Europe the Renault brand is leader for the 15th year in a row.

Commenting, Jérôme Stoll, Executive Vice President , Sales and Marketing , said: “ Outside Europe, we set a sales record with the Renault brand outside Europe in the first half of the year. This success bears out the company’s international development strategy. The sales offensive did not entirely offset our sales fall in Europe, where in difficult market conditions we focused on protecting our margins


  • Renault group passenger car (PC) sales fell 3.9% to 1,145,737, for a market share of 3.8%.
  • The Renault group sold 182,700 light commercial vehicles (LCV), up 0.4%. The Group increased market share in all sales regions. The Renault brand started out on its 15th consecutive year as LCV leader in Europe.
  • Renault brand sales came to 1,113,913, down 2.4%.
  • The Dacia brand sold 181,280 vehicles, up 2.5%.
  • Sales for the Renault Samsung Motors brand totaled 33,244, down 41.2%.

France & Europe Region

In Europe, in a market that fell 7.4%, the Group sold 708,131 vehicles, down 14.9%. Group PC+LCV market share came to 9.3%, down 0.8 points owing to a sharp fall in the markets (and France in particular) and the Group’s unit margin defense strategy, which led to a range restructure in the UK. Sales were also impacted by the (imminent) renewal of its B segment models.

  • The Renault brand ranked number three in PC+LCV sales with a 7.7% share of the market. It started out on its 15th consecutive year as LCV leader, with market share up 1.3 points to 16.4%.
  • The Dacia brand held steady with a 1.5% share of the market.

The Renault brand successfully launched Twizy in first-half 2012, extending its range of zero-emission vehicles. The brand led the European electric vehicle market at end-May with market share of 31.4%.

In France , Group sales fell 15.2%. Market share was 24.7%, down 0.5 points on first-half 2011 despite consecutive rises in the last two months.

The Renault brand leads the A, B and C segments with Twingo, Clio, and Mégane and Scénic Collection 2012. The Dacia brand is holding steady with 3.5% market share and has taken up  a lasting place as the number-five brand for consumers.
Renault took a 32.9% share of the LCV market, placing it ahead of all groups.

Regions outside Europe

The Group grew sales 14.3% to 620,306 vehicles. Sales outside Europe now account for 47% of the total, compared with 39% in first-half 2011.

The Group is confirming its international growth. As was the case at end-2011, six out of the Group’s top ten markets were outside Europe and three non-European countries made the top five: Brazil, Russia and Argentina.


Group sales rose 20.4% to a record 215,149 units. Market share increased 1 point to 6.7%.

In Brazil, where the market was down 0.4%, Renault continued its sales offensive with an increase of 37.3% and record market share of 6.8%, up 1.9 points. Renault, the number-five brand in Brazil, reported the second biggest rise of any brand thanks to the success of Duster and Sandero phase 2. Brazil remains the Group’s number-two market.

Renault is pursuing its dynamic in Argentina . The brand increased sales 25.3% to rank number three with a 14.3% share of the market, up 2.4 points. The country is now the Group’s number-five market, up from ninth at the end of first-half 2011.


The Group sold 103,926 vehicles, increasing market share in all countries in the region. Sales rose 29.4% for a 6.5% share of the market, up 0.8 points.

Renault continued its sales offensive in Russia , a market that grew 14.4%. The brand reported a 28.6% rise in sales, bolstered by the success of Logan, Sander and Duster, and became the number-one import brand and market number-two with a 6.8% share, up 0.8 points. Russia is now the group’s third-largest market, up from fourth at end-2011.


The Group increased sales 7.9% to 184,407 units, for market share of 15.7%, up 0.7 points.

In Morocco , Group sales rose 22.4% for market share of 37.6%, up 1 point thanks to the progress of the two brands. Sales increased 50.5% in Algeria, for a 28.1% share of the market, up 0.8 points. Algeria became the Group’s number-six market (13th at end-2011) and number-three market for LCVs.

In Turkey , in a market that fell, the Group held up strongly and reported a 0.1 point increase in market share to 16.5%.


Asia Pacific

The Group increased sales 3.5% to 116,824 units. Market share was stable at 0.6%.

In South Korea, sales of the Renault Samsung Motors brand fell 41.7%. The brand is rolling out a recovery plan to strengthen performance on a lasting basis.

In India , after the launch of Renault Fluence in June 2011 and Koleos in September 2011, the Renault brand launched Pulse in January 2012. Five vehicles will have been launched and 100 dealerships created by end-2012.

Sales outlook for 2012

Growth in the global automotive market is expected to continue with a 5% increase in 2012. Trends will be contrasted, with growth outside Europe and a 6% to 7% decrease in Europe. The French market is expected to fall by 10% to 11%.

After the launch of five new products in the first half (Twizy, Pulse, Talisman, Lodgy and Dokker), the product offensive will continue in the second half with:

  • The arrival of New Clio and ZOE

  • The extension of the Entry range with the launches of New Logan and New Sandero

  • The ramp-up of Duster, which will go on sale in India following launch in Russia and Colombia

The conditions are in place for the Renault Group to carry on its international growth in the second half of 2012,” said Jérôme Stoll . “The Group still expects 2012 unit sales to exceed the level reached in 2011, provided that there is no further deterioration of the market situation in Europe ””

Total sales per brand

  YTD end of June *
  2012 2011 % variation
PC 940 536 969 863 -3,0%
LCV 173 377 171 225 1,3%
PC+LCV 1 113 913 1 141 088 -2,4%
PC 33 244 56 503 -41,2%
PC 171 957 166 164 3,5%
LCV 9 323 10 671 -12,6%
PC+LCV 181 280 176 835 2,5%
PC 1 145 737 1 192 530 -3,9%
LCV 182 700 181 896 0,4%
PC+LCV 1 328 437 1 374 426 -3,3%

Total sales of the Groupe PC+LCV per region


  YTD end of June *
  2012 2011 % variation
France 310 260 365 805 -15,2%
Europe** (outside France) 397 871 465 870 -14,6%
Total France + Europe 708 131 831 675 -14,9%
Euromed Africa 184 407 170 904 7,9%
Eurasia 103 926 80 298 29,4%
Asia Pacific & China 116 824 112 918 3,5%
Americas 215 149 178 631 20,4%
Total outside France + Europe 620 306 542 751 14,3%
Worldwide 1 328 437 1 374 426 -3,3%

* Sales
** Europe = European Union (24 countries) + Croatia, Island, Norway & Switzerland

10 main markets of the Groupe end of June 2012

Countries Sales Market share
FRANCE 310 260 24,7%
BRAZIL 110 536 6,8%
RUSSIA 95 579 6,8%
GERMANY 88 543 5,1%
ARGENTINA 63 275 14,3%
ALGERIA 63 259 28,1%
ITALY 57 953 6,6%
TURKEY 56 439 16,5%
IRAN 53 224 8,3%
SPAIN 45 081 10,1%

(i) End of May 2012


Worldwide sales results Half Year 2012

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Worldwide sales results Half Year 2012
Slides of the commercial sales results H1
Worldwide sales results Half Year 2012
Slides of the commercial sales results H1