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TOTEM Mobi, a new partner working with Renault Mobiliz to develop access to mobility for all

10 July 2015  12:00

  • Renault Mobiliz is investing in TOTEM Mobi to accelerate the deployment of an innovative and affordable mobility offer for people on low incomes.
  • A simple, affordable car-sharing rental system based on Twizy, Renault’s electric two-seater, is now available in Marseille. The service places particular emphasis on areas that are cut-off or with little public transport.
  • TOTEM Mobi is supported by la Maison de l’emploi and la Cité des Métiers, two local employment bodies based in Marseille and the Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur region.



The Renault Mobiliz program is joining forces with TOTEM Mobi to implement a socially responsible and innovative mobility solution tailored to the needs of people for whom a car is essential to finding or keeping a job.

TOTEM Mobi is a car-sharing solution with appropriate pricing. It is innovative for its high-quality network combining the city centre and suburbs, as well as for its connected technology and the availability of Twizy, Renault’s electric two-seater.

The aim of this partnership is to develop occupational and social integration, as well as to contribute to a cleaner environment, through electric mobility.

Deployed in close cooperation with the Renault dealers’ network in Marseille, the TOTEM Mobi service includes:

  • A fleet of self-service Renault Twizy vehicles available in green areas (Marseille Centre, Pointe Rouge, Saint Barnabé) and from satellite stations (Kedge Luminy, Haribo, 11 th – 12 th district city hall - les Caillols tramway -, Renault, Manpower and Géant La Valentine, Cassis, TER stations at La Barasse, La Penne sur Huveaune and Aubagne);
  • A smartphone app, , simple and available to everybody, making it easy to geolocate and reserve available Twizy TOTEM vehicles;
  • Particularly attractive pricing: one euro to reserve a Twizy and one euro per quarter-hour of use, in all cases. This makes it possible to optimize vehicle use while providing a real day-to-day service for people on low incomes (students, job seekers or beneficiaries of the RSA earned income supplement).

As a result, people with everyday or occasional mobility requirements will have easy access to a personal car through an innovative business model that brings together advertisers and local employers. As part of this approach, TOTEM Mobi will make vehicles available in the car parks of companies that wish to provide easier access for their employees and display adverts for local brands on the Twizy vehicles.


The TOTEM Mobi service is a “last mile” mobility solution that is particularly useful for people on staggered working hours. It complements public transport in terms of hours and areas served and requires little infrastructure.


The partnership between Renault Mobiliz and TOTEM Mobi involves:

  • Financial support from Mobiliz Invest for the deployment of the TOTEM Mobi service
  • Input from a Renault mentor providing the technical expertise and business synergies useful for service development
  • Support from Groupe Renault and its sales network.


Emmanuelle Champaud , Chair of TOTEM Mobi: “This partnership will expand the reach of TOTEM Mobi. Looking beyond financial aspects, the support provided by the Renault experts and sales network will enable us to quickly develop our own network. The Renault Mobiliz program confirms the social mission of Totem Mobi, which is to let everybody enjoy the freedom and independence of a private vehicle, without the pollution or cost”.


Claire Martin , Vice-President, Corporate Social Responsibility of Groupe Renault and CEO of Mobiliz Invest s.a.s. : “Through the Renault Mobiliz program, Groupe Renault is supporting social entrepreneurship projects implementing mobility solutions for people on low incomes. By joining forces with TOTEM Mobi, we are grasping a new opportunity to fulfil our mission: to contribute to making sustainable mobility available to everybody.”


Renault Mobiliz, a comprehensive program set up to deliver mobility for all

Renault Mobiliz is the first social entrepreneurship program set up by a vehicle manufacturer.  Its aim is to contribute to the integration of people in difficulty by providing easier access to mobility. The program was developed in cooperation with partners from associations, the academic world and public-sector players.  One of its main components is an investment company, Renault Mobiliz Invest s.a.s, which provides capital or debt financing and supports innovative entrepreneurs developing mobility solutions with a strong social impact. Renault Mobiliz Invest s.a.s. is endowed by Renault with an investment budget of €5 million. Further, Renault employees who wish to give greater meaning to the use of their savings can allocate part of their employee savings plan to the social entrepreneurship projects supported via the socially responsible company investment fund, Renault Mobiliz. Six companies are currently receiving support.

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Totem Mobi, an approved company forming part of the social and solidarity economy, an operator in the fields of mobility and urban media

Totem Mobi is an innovative company set up in Marseille in 2014 by two partners with complementary expertise in the areas of innovative marketing and information systems. The company already has more than 30 vehicles in service in Marseille and is continuing to expand strongly. TOTEM mobi provides access to a private electric vehicle for €1 per 15 minutes. To do this, the company relies on a system of satellite stations installed on the premises of companies and shops that wish to have the TOTEM Mobi service in their car park, as well as on the advertisers who display their material on TOTEM Mobi vehicles, and on the app. In this way, TOTEM Mobi delivers an innovative solution for: companies and shops located outside the city and seeking make it easier for people to reach them, advertisers looking for innovative and responsible urban media initiatives, and drivers who are able to take advantage of a private vehicle without the cost. It also addresses the problems of urban pollution and congestion.

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La Maison de l’emploi in Marseille promotes sustainable mobility with a view to contributing to economic development and to the security of job seekers and employees in gaining access to the workplace

Since 2010, the engineering and operational actions conducted by the mobility centre have contributed to removing this major obstacle to employment and economic development. As part of initiatives to raise awareness on sustainable mobility, conducted in partnership with the business areas of northern Marseille and la Vallée de l’Huveaune, the MDE helped to organize trials of the TOTEM service. A further step forward was taken in February 2015, by involving business associations and municipalities in the project to deploy TOTEM Mobi. This impetus paves the way for coherent territorial coverage and critical mass, two aspects that are key to the success of the project.

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TOTEM Mobi, a new partner working with Renault Mobiliz to develop access to mobility for all

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TOTEM Mobi, a new partner working with Renault Mobiliz to develop access to mobility for all
TOTEM Mobi, a new partner working with Renault Mobiliz to develop access to mobility for all